1992 – 1996


First ever YFR, held at Kinmel Hall, North Wales. Probably the largest extended event ever held by the Fellowship – it soon became apparent that there was not going to be enough food to go around. Emergency supplies were brought in and a crisis averted, although ninety minute queues for meals were still not uncommon. More importantly, there was more than enough spiritual food. As a first YFR, there was no topic as such, except for the celebration of 100 years since Churches of God were re-established. A new song, “Living Stones” was written especially for the event and was never heard of again. Highlights include Kevin Jones’ reminder that we were not “born to be wild” and the exhortation from Joshua to “consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you”. A number of Lords Servants attended and each told their own powerful stories of how God called them to service. God blessed us with hot and sunny weather throughout. Camp fire sessions were long but memorable, especially if you managed to catch a glimpse of the flames from half a mile away. The only merchandise was T-shirts which shrank terribly to expose midriffs.


Also at Kinmel Hall, the weather was terrible but we still had a memorable time. The subject was Carpe Diem (Seize the Day), focusing on the Lord’s return. The logo was a sand timer. Merchandise branched out to include T-shirts and mugs which were massively overbought. Also available were watches with a mechanism to darken the screen to signify time running out – unfortunately the life of most of the watches expired shortly after the event. Highlights include Keith Dorricott’s ministry whilst battling leukemia and singing on the Sunday night by the Pukallus sisters from Australia.