De Novo

The 2016 YFR event was held at Cefn Lea Christian Centre, near Newtown, South Wales, and the subject was “De Novo” (a Latin term meaning, “from the beginning, newly, or once more”)

The event had twin spiritual goals, each with a sense of renewal and revival:

• To help us see our relationship with the Lord through fresh eyes

• To experience a refreshing of our understanding of His love for us, a revival of our churches and a renewal of our personal and collective commitment to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and to God’s word.

These goals were explored through the lens of some of the so-called ‘Minor Prophets’ of the Old Testament. “Return to Me” were the words the Lord spoke through Zechariah and Malachi – prophets who, along with Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai sought to shake the people out of their complacency and refresh their understanding of God’s purposes.

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